Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Experience Homelesss--Rachel

I was very aprehensive to go into the homeless challange mostly because I didn't think people would believe that I was homless. For the first day and a half that ended up being a problem. Standing in line for food with other homless people at a park, I knew that it was obvious that I wasn't homless. That's when I got thoughts of weather it was moral or not to do this challange, because we were taking food from people that really needed it to do some kind of experiment. But I will say on the final day of the challange that's when it really dawned on me what it would be like to be homless. I was so exhausted from the wear and tear of the past few days that I experienced that feeling of desperation, where I needed something fast. So that's where me and Faduma decided to pan handel and also experience the embarassment that comes with that. To summarize, the homeless challange was a difficult experience and experiment but it was a way to see things on the other side. I'm glad I decided to take a look.

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