Friday, March 23, 2012

Going Home

Generally, the title of a blog post would have little meaning. Maybe a couple of words that will tell the reader what I will be discussing. It is read, and then easily forgotten.

Home. A four-letter word that has a lot of meaning in our society.

Telling the general public about my experience has been the most surprising and eye-opening to me. While on the streets, the homeless population opened their arms and welcomed us in; telling us where we could find food, clothing, and shelter. The general public on the other hand...

We told our story to a lady from Shoreview at Senator Amy Klobuchar's office on Thursday morning. She seemed interested in who Katie and I were at the beginning of the conversation. Wanted to know where we were from, and why we were in DC. When we told her about the challenge, her attitude changed. As Katie says, "it was almost as if...we started smelling bad." Her attitude changed, she made rude remarks (i.e., "saves on the hotel bill") and we could tell she wanted out of the conversation as fast as humanly possible.

Just because an individual doesn't have a home, does not make them anyless of a person. In fact, all of the individuals that I met were stronger and more wise than most people I know. A house is not a personality characteristic nor is it something that we present to others in hopes of companionship. But as soon as someone says they do not have a home, we scoff and look the other way.

Why is that!? As soon as I figure it out, I will update you.


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